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Wow the time sure does fly!

When this journey began, life was a little less complicated and so were the machines.

The fact was no one had any office equipment in their home in 1991 and now we can produce photos on our desktop. The desktop computer was a huge floppy eating behemoth and the monitor was a massive cathode ray tube that produced only green output.

Business laser printers were just beginning to take the market share from the venerable dot matrix printer in the early 90's. Crystal clear black and white prints like we had never seen before were flying to and from every office in the country. The first HP lasers were based in part in the first personal copiers from Canon.

Fax machines were clogging up phone lines with their whirring and squawking noises as people were increasingly connected, but at a cost. A long distance fax was still a long distance call.

The internet changed all that and continues to change our lives today. The days of dial up are far behind us as we move into more and more connectivity.

The new generation copiers are much more than the copiers of 20 years ago. Connectivity is the new benchmark and more and more people are realizing the speed and efficiency of such features as scan to email. Color laser multifunction machines are also becoming the standard by which your business is judged.

Time sure does fly and we want to thank all of our customers especially the ones that have been with us for 20 years. You know who you are and are truly appreciated.


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