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All XD and XL series - Machine keeps running. Can only make one copy.

These machines are designed to get the very last bit of toner from the toner cartridge...very efficient! Most people just turn off the machine when this happens and when they turn it back on, can make one more copy before the same thing happens. If you just let the machine run, up to 5 minutes, you will see the toner light come on and the machine will stop. This light looks like a stack of 6 cannon balls. That is of course indicating that the machine needs toner. DCS sells these refilled toner cartridges for only 40.00, exchange! We can make your machine very cost effective.

All XD series - Drum light on

These drums are rated at 12000-13000 prints. The drum light is a round indicator in the middle of the pictogram. When it reaches 12k, the light will flash, indicating time to order a drum. When it reaches 13k, the light stays on solid and copying is not possible.

We have found that the drums will normally last longer than 13k if the drum count is reset. If you do reset the drum count, just keep in mind, you are running on borrowed time.

To reset this indicator, press clear, exposure mode, clear, exposure mode (the exposure mode button is the one on the far left that switches from automatic to manual to photo mode , etc). The display will go blank. If it doesn't, try again. key in "24" (just like you were making 24 copies), press print, key in 7, press print. After completing this procedure, turn machine off, then back on again. Drum light should be off now. Be prepared and order a drum unit from us. We have some great generic units that work just like the Xerox brand for a fraction of the price.

All XD series - Print button not working consistently

This is a common problem with these machines. After years of use, the solder connections to the print button become loose. We can fix this within a regular service call. Let us know you are having problems, even if it is sporadic and we will take care of it.

All XD series - Noise/Jamming

If you are finding a crumpled piece of paper as it enters the fuser, more than likely the fuser gear is broken. DCS has a new style gear in stock, that does not break!


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